The terminal will be the gateway of the new Silk Road, offering a wide range of services and enabling traffic between east and west.

The terminal is located in Fényeslitke, Hungary.
It’s coordinates are: N 48°17’07.359″ E 22°7’12.446″
Size of area: 85 ha
It’s maximum capacity is going to be 1 million TEU/year, following the expansion of railway connections.

The terminal operating software will be able to connect with customers online in real-time, monitoring and tracking the position of containers in transit as well.

The terminal has two crane areas with a crane tracks of 850 m, suitable for serving full length trains. The cranes lifting load capacity is 60 Mt. During the first phase each crane track will have one crane, which can be upgraded later to two cranes per track. The cranes will also be capable of handling 45” containers and cranable semi-trailers.

The terminal will have 4 mobile container loading machines, 5 terminal tractors and 10 terminal semi-trailers.

At the wide gauge entry point of the terminal, an X-ray gate and an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) gate for the containers will be installed. Both at wide and normal gauge connection points, a digital rolling scale will be installed.

The terminal can handle up to 4 full-length trains at a time.

The terminal’s wide gauge service is provided by Csop-Záhony-Komoró route. Normal gauge service is served directly by the Fényeslitke train station.
The terminal has a storage capacity of 10,000 TEU of loaded and/or empty containers at a time. It will also be able to store 500 TEU of refrigerated containers.

The terminal is also SEVESO compliant, so it will be possible to reload and store a significant amount of gas containers and containers with dangerous goods.

At the time of handover, 15,000 m 2 of leasable storage space will be available, with 12,5 m high warehouses.

The available free space allows for further construction of 500,000 m 2  warehouse and/or assembly or manufacturing plant according to needs. It is possible to build warehouses with internal height up to 30 m. We are ready to build the necessary buildings for the customers in case of a long-term lease agreement.

The planned handover and commencement of the test run is 31.12.2021. The terminal is expected to be fully operational within 90 days from the start of the trial run.